Dental Crowns are sometimes referred to as "caps". This is a method of restoring the tooth by making it stronger and giving it the shape and colour of a natural tooth.

When do you need a crown?

  • To strengthen a cracked or broken tooth
  • To give strength to a heavily filled tooth
  • To improve the appearance of a discoloured tooth

What is a crown made of?

Crowns are usually made of porcelain which is the nearest material to natural teeth. It is the preferred choice, although for posterior or back teeth, porcelain can be bonded to precious metal to give the crown added strength - still giving the appearance of a natural tooth.

Having a crown fitted at Brixham Dental Practice usually takes two visits with our experienced restorative dentists.

Dark Margins Example

This lady didn't like the dark margins at the top of her crowns and felt the colour didn't match.

We replaced the front two teeth and lateral tooth (right hand side of the front tooth in the picture) with porcelain bonded crowns. The dark margin is now gone and the colour blends much better.

Dark Margins Example

This patient had chipped their front tooth in an accident and wanted both front teeth replacing so that he had an even smile at the front.

We placed two crowns on the front two central teeth, the patient was very happy with the end result.

To learn more about crowns click here to visit the BDA's 3D Mouth website.

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