We’re an award-winning, private dental practice located near the Centre of Brixham. We take pride in creating a stress free, calm & friendly environment, that’s filled with kind and courteous staff. We have a highly skilled and knowledgeable team of professionals from great dentists to experienced specialists.

At Brixham Dental Practice we understand how important it is to listen to our patients and discuss their requirements and expectations. In order to meet these expectations, we will explain all the options available to make sure we obtain the best results for you. We will give you a clear written estimate of any planned treatment and keep you updated if there are any changes necessary.

Many patients are anxious and nervous when it comes to visiting the dentist. At this practice both the dentist and the team are very understanding and are excellent in helping any nervous patient overcome their anxieties. We hope anyone attending this practice can do so with the minimum of stress - you will be given the very best care and attention and we will provide high quality treatment as efficiently and gently as possible.

You can make your first appointment with us by phone, email or in person. You will receive a welcome pack which contains information about our dentists, the practice and the service that we provide. We will also ask you to fill in a medical history form before your appointment (this is routine at all dental practices and is required for your dental records).

You will be given the very best care and attention and we will provide high quality treatment as efficiently and gently as possible.

A typical appointment would include:

  • An appointment with our patient care coordinator to complete any necessary forms and discuss any concerns or worries you may have.
  • A detailed history taken of any dental symptoms and previous dental work completed.
  • A clinical examination of your face, neck, jaw, teeth, gums and soft tissues of your mouth.
  • We check for signs of oral cancer.
  • We review your gums and support structures for your teeth are healthy.
  • X-rays, photographs and special investigations may be carried out if needed.
  • A full diagnosis will be given, and a clear written treatment plan made, Including all costs.
  • Complex treatment plans and options are written in a letter for you to consider and follow up appointments to discuss this are included.

New patient appointment: £95

X-rays: £15 each
Large OPG X-ray: £95

Exclusive membership

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Made Simple, affordable and packed with benefits to make visiting the dentist stress-free.

Meet the team

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Nervous patients

We promise to take great care of you and make you as comfortable as possible.


Is there a waiting list?

Great news, we don’t have waiting lists and appointments are really simple to make. Just call our friendly reception team on 01803 853980 or book online. We are open Monday-Friday and alternative Saturday mornings and we offer late night appointments on Tuesdays until 7pm, so we can find a time that works for you.

How easy is it to book?

It is really easy to book your appointment. There are plenty of ways to contact us, so pick one that suits you – you can phone us on 01803 853980 or email us as admin@brixhamdental.co.uk.

I am really nervous about visiting the dentist can you help me?

Yes of course, dealing with extremely anxious and nervous patients is part of our job, we understand many people may have had a previous bad experience at their dentist. We have an amazing team of dentists and nurses who will really look after you. We offer numbing gels, sedation services and all round super gentle dentistry. We take our time & never rush.

How can I book my first appointment?

When you feel ready to book an appointment, just give our friendly reception team a call. We will be happy to book you in for a consultation as a new patient with one of our experienced dentists. Alternatively, you can book online through our website or by email admin@brixhamdental.co.uk.

How long will the appointment last?

The first consultation for most patients lasts about 45 minutes.

Call us today to make an appointment on 01803 853980

We look forward to hearing from you