Sport Mouth Guards

Mouth Guards

At Brixham Dental practice we provide high quality, custom made fitted mouth guards. These provide the greatest degree of protection for you or your family whenever you are training or playing sports such as football, rugby, boxing, martial arts, basketball, hockey, squash or soccer. Mouth guards can also be used for many other activities such as as horse-riding, skateboarding and trampolining.

We take accurate impressions of your mouth in order to provide you with a highly customised mouth guard that not only fits securely and comfortably over your upper teeth but also covers your gums to help protect the roots of your teeth. If your upper and lower jaw collide together while wearing a custom fitted mouth guard the chance of concussion or injury to the jaws, teeth, cheeks and gums is significantly reduced.

The 'do it yourself' mouth guards from supermarkets, sports stores and pharmacies are usually poorly fitting and uncomfortable. They offer very little protection.

Only a dentist can provide a custom fitted mouth guard which is considered to be the most effective way at preventing injuries to the teeth, mouth and jaws.

If you play sports or require a high quality mouth guard in a wide range of colours, call our friendly team at Brixham Dental Practice