Treatment Prices

We have put together fees guide to give you an idea of the costs of treatment here at Brixham dental Practice. During your initial consultation and prior to any treatment commencing, your treatment will be discussed and explained, and you will receive a written estimate of any proposed treatment. If you would like to find out more about membership discounts that we offer at the practice, please feel free to contact our team on 01803 853980, where we will be happy to discuss your dental queries.

Looking after your smile Price
New Patient Consultation £95
Routine full mouth examination £85
Digital X-rays £15 each
OPG digital X-ray £95
Emergency visit to relieve dental pain From £95
New Patient hygienist appointment (50 minutes) £96
Routine hygienist appointments (30 minutes) £85
Periodontal hygienist appointment (50 minutes) £120
Occlusal Splint therapy £350
Essix retainer x2 or 1 bite splint From £190
Aesthetic White Fillings Price
Small Composite white filling From £160
Medium Composite white filling From £225
Large Composite white filling From £275
X-Large Composite white filling From £320
Temporary Filling (Fuji ix) £95
Composite Veneer From £275
Fissure Sealants per tooth £25
Crowns, Inlays, Veneers and Bridges Price
Crown (PFM or PJC) £830
Gold Crown By quotation
Zirconia aesthetic crown From £895
Porcelain Inlay £740
Belle Glass Inlay Porcelain £695
Veneers From £795
Conventional fixed bridge From £790 per unit
Maryland Bridge £850
Re-cement Crown £85
Articulated Study Models £150
Teeth Whitening Price
Philips Zoom in surgery tooth whitening £695
Philips Zoom at home tooth whitening £440
Philips Zoom top up syringes (x3) £90
Root Canal Treatment Price
Incisor (single root) £490
Pre-molar £590
Molar From £795
Re-Root canal treatment An extra £220
Post (fibre post) £180
Cast gold post and core From £220
Tooth Removal & Sedation Price
Planned Simple Extraction From £180
Emergency Extraction From £240
Surgical Extraction From £495
IV - Sedation (please note this fee does not include any cost of dental treatment) per hour From £350
Emergency Dental Care Price
Emergency visit to relieve dental pain From £95
Emergency Extraction From £240
Re-cement Crown £85
Antibiotics (members of the practice) £8
Dentures Price
Repair of denture £125
Addition of tooth to denture £125
Reline of denture hard (lab) £250
Reline of denture soft (lab) £280
Full/Full Acrylic Denture £1,890
Single Full Acrylic Denure £850
Partial Acrylic Denture £750
Immediate Acrylic Denture £750
Cobalt Chrome Full Denture From £1490
Cobalt Chrome Partial Denture From £1490
Clasp addition £150
Consultations Price
Implant Consultation with Implantologist £135
Invisalign Consultation with Platinum Provider £FOC
2nd Opinion Consultation including 2 small x-rays £125
Dental Implants Price
Implant Consultation with Implantologist £135
Large OPG Digital x-ray £95
Surgical Set up fee £350
IV Sedation (optional) per hour £200
Placement of 1 dental implant £1,650
Exposures, impressions, and final porcelain bonded to metal crown restoration of 1 dental implant £1,350
Comprehensive Implant Treatment By Quotation

Please note that these prices are approximate. A full treatment plan with exact bespoke costs will be provided after the implant consultation assessment.

Invisalign Orthodontics Price
Invisalign Consultation £FOC
Invisalign treatment (including OPG) From £3750
Vivera retainers x 3 sets £495
Children (under 18 years old) Price
New Patient Child examination £30.00
Routine Full mouth examination £30.00
Child digital x-ray (each) £10.50
Scale & Polish with the hygienist £45.50
Air polishing with the hygienist £21.00
Fissure Sealants per tooth £25
Topical fluoride application £22.50
Sports mouth guard £180
Small Composite white filling From £98
Medium Composite white filling From £126
Large Composite white filling From £270
X-Large Composite white filling From £320
Small GIC Filling £84
Medium GIC Filling £98
Large GIC Filling £112
Tooth Extraction £112
Surgical Tooth Extraction £216

New Patient appointment — Upon booking your initial visit, either a full mouth examination or emergency appointment we do request a full payment up front to secure the booking. We can take this payment over the phone prior to your appointment at a time that is convenient for you, so please feel free to call us on 01803 853 980 to arrange an appointment to start your journey with us. 

Cancellation Fee – Where a patient cancels an appointment, offering less than 48 hours’ notice or fails to attend an appointment a cancellation fee of £75 will be requested to be able to reserve another future appointment.